Municipal Property Auctions

With COVID and the move to online
bidding – are you missing out?

Part of what makes us so successful at Price Auctions & Estates is working with municipalities that have an urgent need. Confiscated, Evidence, Reclaimed snd general surplus property adds up quickly in some cases, filling warehouses and office areas.

So how do you pick the best method? We represent your best interests. No more under or non-qualified bidders winning, and never picking up the items with in a reasonable time. No more non-payment issues.

Look, we know that one of the top complaints of using an online platform is that the buyers thought you would ship. Your not a shipping department – you are an agency! And on the other side of the coin – the complaint is that the people who win never pay and never pick up the items.

We handle that, whereas our online competition do not. We use shipping as a profit center and can ship even frontloaders, cars, you name it. The buyer picks up the bill.

Why utilize us?

We get the job done!

  • Reasonable Commission Structure
  • $50 Listing Fee to begin the listing
  • $11 per Titled Automobile (Includes all Notary Services)
  • $22 Per Heavy Equipment/Generators.
  • Licensed and Bonded Moving and Cleanout.
  • $1 Per Lot Lotting Fee FOREVER per item.
  • We come out and take pictures of the items and lot them.
  • We place them online for bid, either a Live Virtual Auction or Timed.
  • We collect the payments, chase down the deadbeat bidders
  • We schedule shipping for nearly everything at the buyers expense.
  • New COVID process: We schedule their pickup and times and only they touch the items.
  • We close the books and send the full itemized list, hammer prices, expenses, and check to you either electronically or via Signature Required FedEx.

    Simple methodology, cheaper than online venues that charge you the same amount and you still have to do the work, much more than a venue that charges you, and you are still stuck with the post sale mess. You will be thrilled with the full Why didn’t I know about you guys before?”

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