Estate Sale Services

Matthew Price IS a Real Estate Broker, but also supports Estate Tag and Auction Services for clients. Where most real estate agents are looking to just “Dump” the contents in the house in order to sell the house to get on to the next deal, we actually take the time and work with you to earn as much as possible.

But in case you don’t need our Real Estate services we can help you or your broker sell your house more quickly, efficiently and for more money. If the house you want to sell is cluttered with too many items, having an estate sale before putting the house on the market would be a great solution.

Or we can use the contents of your home to stage the house before it goes on the market. Once your house is sold, we’ll have your estate sale. Our team of miracle workers is well equipped to deal with any home, and will merchandise not only your estate sale items, but the house itself, so that you will receive top dollar from the proceeds.

Just ask us about the many options we have when selling your house as well as the contents of home.

Raleigh, NC 27609