Sales with Auction Method

Price Auctions & Estates Auctions Offer:

  • Advertising every week on Online Advertising Platforms, Auctioners Association of North Carolina Website, and National Websites.
  • Online access to several websites
  • An average success rate approaching 95%, i.e. the strong likelihood of a sale on sale day or just after.
  • The peace of mind that the property will be offered in a professional manner from the most experienced auctioneer in the region.
  • An auction team who understands this discipline and who are available to talk to prospective buyers.
  • Weekly reports on sales progress and legal packs that are available to be downloaded 24/7 from our website.
  • The knowledge that with a realistic reserve price the property will achieve the best possible price on sale day.
  • Price Auctions & Estates have been recognized as the leading firm of auctioneers in the State with Award Winning Advertising – some best in category – that allows us to give you unparalleled exposure to the market with sales covering multiple states – and countries!