Real Estate Brokers

Increase your earning sources

As of September 27, 2017, the median annual real estate agent salary is $40,333, with a range that usually falls between $39,402 and $51,303, according to Salary.com.

Experienced agents will tell you that the best advice you can get to increase your salary is to start saving now. Being an agent gives you the freedom of being your own boss for the most part, but that also often means you are responsible for paying out of pocket for things like advertising, website management, transportation, and healthcare.

Secondly, you may want to consider supplementing your real estate income with other income sources that will bring you additional experience in the industry. The list below offers a few choices for supplementary income sources that will blend perfectly with your real estate profession:

  • Contact us if you have a client with personal property that would lead to an auction or to a tag sale.

How would an individual know if the home would qualify? There are three things that are often looked at:

  • What is the potential real market value of items that are in the home? An Auctioneer or Tag Sale Company would best be able to determine that as they perform these sales regularly. We had a real estate agent tell us that a piece of walnut furniture was worth $16,000, when it was worth $30. The Real Estate Agent lost the home sale because of this error. The prices of items are determined by experienced markers who have experience and can use that experience to identify the values.
  • The next thing that is the amount of items that they plan on keeping. We have went into situations where they were looking for a tag sale specialist, and had everything tagged as to what they were keeping. As we went through the entire home, we found out that there was about $600 in value that they were putting up for auction. Not worth the effort or advertising. It is important to understand when downsizing, that most of the “Stuff” can’t go with them.
  • Location is the last thing. Can this be done in the neighborhood or does it require picking up and moving someplace to be sold? If it has to be moved, commonly the price of the move is not part of the commission to be charged. In fact, there are several items that are not in the commission such as:
  • Marketing Fees
  • Appraisal Fees
  • Lotting and Labor
  • Moving and rentals
  • Packing and Shipping

So where does that place you? It places you in a very good position to have a company in your back pocket that can liquidate the estate in a short amount of time, and completely empty out the home within 30 days, and have it completely cleaned out. How you ask?

Well, it’s a trade secret, but a secret that puts money in your pocket!

Earn cash cash for having us book the auction, and have it in your pocket when we close the sale. Clients are in a hurry and don’t want to wait to sell the home? We are also your real estate auction specialists!