Methods of Sale

While we are best-known for our fast, efficient live auctions, we strive to offer our clients flexibility to sell one, or one thousand items through a diverse offering of sale methods.

Live Auction

Many people appreciate the opportunity to bid and buy equipment in person. However, a growing segment of people is unable to travel to the live auction. To address this, our live auctions employ simulcast online bidding. This allows in-person bidders and online bidders to compete for assets in real time. By doing so, clients typically see a 20-30% increase in sales over a traditional live auction without online bidding.

Online Auction

Online auctions allow for bidders to participate regardless of the time of day or where they are located. This method has become increasingly popular in today’s auction buying market. Online only auction events can be a more financially viable method of sale in many scenarios. Our online only auctions are built to emphasize the benefits and minimize the disadvantages of a live auction.

Liquidation Sale/Estate Tag

In certain instances, an auction is not the best way to sell particular assets. You may have situations where an auction can not be completed due to any number of issues. We offer the ability for specialized buyers to view and purchase items. Additionally, or staff is highly capable of performing an Estate Tag Sale, which will allow for a local audience to buy your items.

Special Offering / Direct Buy

In certain instances, an auction is not the best method to sell an asset. In these situations, we have developed the ability to market assets for a fixed price direct to consumers. This type of sale allows you to control price and terms, but not the timing of the sale. In many cases, difficult to market assets, or small quantity of assets are ideal for a special offering.