Six Step Process

1. Contract

You and your dedicated Price Auctions & Estates team member will negotiate and enter into a contract detailing mutually beneficial terms to accomplish your goals. In this step, you should expect conversations about time and location of sale, compensation, logistics fees, marketing fees and any other contract terms necessary to achieve your goals.

2. Catalog

We will arrive at the sale location and prepare your assets for sale. Typical preparation includes light cleaning, organizing your assets, and assigning inventory numbers to each asset. Then, our team will prepare a catalog of all the assets to be sold that includes a comprehensive description and photo set for each asset.

3. Market

After your catalog is complete, customers can see your assets on ebbids.com, and our marketing team will implement an aggressive and forward leaning marketing campaign to notify all interested parties; highlight your assets; and produce ready, willing and able buyers.

4. Sell

Using any of our selling methods, Price Auctions & Estates will engage the buyers identified through marketing in an competitive and transparent process resulting in a price that meets your goals and maximizes the results for all parties.

5. Logistics

Whether its removing assets from the sale location, preparing assets for shipment, or handling title work on a real estate transaction, our team will work with you to ensure all logistics are handled competently and in an efficient manner.

6. Get Paid

Price Auctions & Estates will pay you the net proceeds from the sale of your assets within thirty business days of the sale of your assets. Most times, within two weeks or less, depending on the size of the auction.