What design trends have left the building?

There are a bunch of design trends that have been what we call – subjective. There are other design trends that people love to have in their homes. Then there are the ones that have lost their appeal all together.

So let’s break it down to the top three:

The open concept. Open floor plans have long been all the rage, but as more people hunker down at home, they want more walls for greater privacy. “This past year, we’ve been confined to our homes for work, play, and relaxation, and people have learned it’s tough for a home to play so many different roles with no physical division of space,” Mary Catherine Murray and Amanda Khouri, co-owners of Murray Khouri Interior Design, told Apartment Therapy. “If your workspace is also your relaxation space and your cooking space, you might find it difficult to shift from one mindset to the next.” More designers are using room dividers, area rugs, and curtains to add greater division in an open layout.

Open shelving. Open shelving has been a popular storage system, but homeowners are now looking to have less of their stuff on display. “Because 2020 has made so many of us realize that we’re massively disorganized and have way too much clutter, we’re craving streamlined spaces with seamless—and unseen—organization,” Karina Lameraner, creative stylist at Modsy, told Apartment Therapy. “As a result, open storage options will start to be replaced with furniture options that include closed storage within them, such as the storage coffee table.”

Sterilized spaces. Mid-century modern design has ushered in a more standardized style that is now feeling sterile and lacking warmth, designers say. “I also think that homes will start to lose some of their universality,” designer Robert McKinley told Apartment Therapy. “I expect that we will see design that is more regional and place-based than ever—design focused on thoughtful, one-of-a-kind objects.” Designers say the trend will gravitate toward mixing and matching colors and finishes for a more unique and memorable design.

The other thing that might have passed on this year that most don’t think about? Custom Homes. Custom homes are built via individuals who have specific tastes. Those specific tastes don’t necessarily transisition to the tastes of others. The open space modem was good for a short period of time, however, now that more people are working at home, that custom home has fallen ouut of favor, and now, more privacy and disciplined and tighter in space.

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