Ultimate Downsizing Part II

In our last issue, I gave you tips to help you begin the downsizing process if you are preparing to move into a smaller space. Once you start to purge what you no longer really need, you’ll want to create a few different piles:

  • a trash pile
  • a recycle pile
  • a donation pile
  • a resell pile

It’s pretty obvious what happens to the trash pile, though I’ve given you some junk removal sources below if your pile is too big. Let’s look at some Atlanta-area donation and recycling options.

Donating Clothes and Household Goods

Thrift Stores: If you haven’t been to a thrift store in the last couple of years, let me just tell you that the quality of the merchandise has improved. I believe one of the reasons for this is because we are buying and getting rid of more “stuff” than ever. Clothes and household goods have a shorter life span so items often are not as worn out by they time they are donated as they may have been in years past. That said, make sure that the items that you donate are at least in fair condition. Spare the urge to donate clothes with stains or tears, shoes with holes, or chipped dishes. A couple of the more popular and more reputable thrift stores in Atlanta are Goodwill and Salvation Army. There may be others in your area, but check to see how much of their revenue goes to the needy before donating.

American Kidney Fund (www.akfpickup.org) – Will pick up clothing and household goods or you may search for nearby drop-off boxes through their web site.

www.earth911.org – Great recycling, donation, & disposal site searchable by your area. They included DeKalb Farmer’s Market, Whole Foods, and nearby county and city recycling programs when I searched using my Decatur ZIP code.

Freecycle (www.freecycle.org) – Site where you can sign up for your local Freecycle group, post the item you’d like to give away, pick which member you’d like to have it, and schedule a time for them to pick up the item. No money can exchange hands.

Junk Removal: Just Trash It (www.justtrashit.com) and 1-800GotJunk (www.1800gotjunk.com) offers residential and commercial junk removal.

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