With COVID are you using all of your tools available to your estate?

Estate Planning or winging it still goes through the probate process in North Carolina. Have a Will? Still beomes registered with the clerk of court.

Trying to figure out what to do with property and real estate? Some dump the personal property, and think they are going to make money on the real estate. Over 60% of properties that are abandoned for over a year do not bring the top dollar that many heirs are looking to gain.

Part of what makes us so successful at Price Auctions & Estates is working through those issues as part of our service, not $350 an hour with an attorney. We explain the difference between auctions, tag sales, selling real estate traditionally, by auction, or by partition, we give you the entire overview of what tools are available to you.

We have done many North Carolina Estates from taking inventory to forms, distribution, sales, reporting via the Executor/Executrix or Administrator. You need to know what is going to whom, and equitably, if someone gets a car worth $2,500 everyone else has to have that amount as well. True? Not necessarily.

Look, we know that one of the top complaints is that folks have waited too long and now have to go to court, or the house has fallen into such disrepair, or the vehicles need high dollar service. We want to give you questions that will send up red flags, and allow you to contemplate your situations and how to handle them.

Why utilize us?

We get the job done!

  • Free Consultation for everyone, no matter if we can help or not.
  • $50 Listing Fee to begin the listing
  • $11 per Titled Automobile (Includes all Notary Services)
  • $22 Per Heavy Equipment/Generators.
  • $1 Per Lot Lotting Fee FOREVER per item.
  • We come out and take pictures of the items and lot them.
  • We place them online for bid, either a Live Virtual Auction or Timed.
  • We collect the payments, chase down the deadbeat bidders and handle collections.
  • We schedule shipping for nearly everything at the buyers expense.
  • New COVID process: We schedule their pickup and times and only they touch the items.
  • We audit every auction before and after the close of the event, and send the full itemized list, hammer prices, expenses, and check to you either electronically or via Signature Required FedEx.

A Simple methodology, you see the entire process from beginning to end with your own portal that is created for you on our website. When we close the account, we then turn around and place a timer and then it’s backed up and removed from view.

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