What to Do When Your Parents’ Rightsize – Part I

Form many older Americans, moving to a senior community can be a stress reducing action. No home maintenance, cleaning, mowing, having to deal with unreasonable Home Owners Associations – and even having to cook now becomes less of a chore.

For the adult children even your 18-21 year olds, the move itself can be a heartbreaking and overwhelming experience when you have aging parents and you see the 30+ years of items that they collected.

Moving parents out of their home can trigger the most depressing of issues that marks the end of the road for one chapter of their life, and a new chapter of life for the children. One of the issues is what to do with a whole house of items that they have collected for decades. How do you decide what to do with the thems? It’s hard to decide what to do with the possessions your parents built their lives around.

The hardest part of the process is the finding items they have a great admiration for, in which their children may not have that same admiration.

Many families believe it may be easier to move everything into your basement or rent a storage unit. However, that delays dealing with the items itself. And in some cases, there may be gold, silver, coins, or things that has value but not have sentimental value to the family. Rather than possibly losing value, you may want to consider some of the tactics we will discuss in our next Blog Post.

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