What to Do When Your Parents’ Rightsize – Part V

Six Reasons To Hire A Certified Estate Specialist

1. Certified Estate Specialists are third party observers and advisors.

If you seem apprehensive about your parents’ move to the next stage of life, they will definately know – their Extra Sensory Perception is honed and they know you are under stress. And in some case, they will start to talk to you about keeping more things than you – or they – have room.

The important thing to remember is if your relationship is becoming strained, going through their things can add to the stress, especially if they feel that you’re bossing them around or thinking that their items have no value. A dispassionate Certified Estate Specialist can often find a happy medium.

2. Certified Estate Specialists are thoroughly educated and experienced.

Certified Estate Specialists have been through 24 hours of coursework, as well as practice in Estate work, and serve by a code of ethics that most Estate Tag Sale companies do not have.

Certified Estate Specialists build trusted relationships with reliable moving companies, how to put together a successful estate sale or auction and where to find great cleaning services. They also are Real Estate Brokers that are members of the National Association of Realtors and the National Auctioneers Association.

Certified Estate Specialists also ensure that from soup to nuts, everything is handled professionally – from beginning to complete cleanout and closeout. Many Estate Companies without the Certified Estate Specialists will only handle a sale, but not the cleanup or leftovers, which adds stress post sale.

3. Certified Estate Specialists can make you money, or earn you more than you thought

Although Certified Estate Specialist services can be expensive (a move may cost anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000, depending on the project) they’re usually a good investment. What you do not take with you and your family does not want – their job is to manage your estate.

Consider the time you’d have to take off work, the plane ticket you’d have to buy to get to your parents’ house – the moving truck – the storage facility — costs like these add up quickly.

So many times families move items into a storage facility and then abandon the unit, when there was actual money that is abandoned. Either through sale or via donation, it is lost inflow to the family.

Certified Estate Specialists also know what items are valuable and what aren’t; this can help you make quicker decisions on what to do with certain items.

4. Certified Estate Specialists Save You Time

You have booked the flight, the hotel and the car. But before that you had to get to that stage, you had to take vacation time.

You and your parents might spend hours deciding whether or not to keep certain possessions because of an emotional attachment to them. Since Certified Estate Specialists have gone through this countless times, they know how to efficiently move a household. And to bring everything to a successful conclusion.

5. Certified Estate Specialists Offer Your Parents More Control — And You More Comfort

Certified Estate Specialists recognize that since this is your parents’ move, they’re the ones to talk to.

Certified Estate Specialists also know that it’s hard for your parents to part with possessions they may have had for 30 to 50 years. As professionals, they’ll help your parents through the emotional and physical aspects of relocation, while keeping the process moving. And they’re more likely to work with professionals where they are moving to to help find the best solution for every piece your parents want to keep.

6. Certified Estate Specialists Help After The Move

It may be difficult for you to get your parents situated if you have to fly home or go back to work right away after the move. Certified Estate Specialists can make sure they’re set up in their new residence, and ensuring that anything that needs to be sold (left over personal property and real estate) is handled and everything is constantly communicated in a timely fashion.

If you’re interested in hiring Certified Estate specialist you have found the right place.

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