What to Do When Your Parents’ Rightsize – Part IV

In our fourth part of our series on rightsizing with the last few things, and some selfish and shameless suggestions and advertising. We will also go into our fifth blog post with why you need a Certified Esate Specialist.

7. Donate Items To Your Favorite Charity

There are some items that your favorite charity can turn into money in order to help them with their continued support needs. Many of the charities won’t take some items, so it is best to call ahead to get a list of them.

For items that are usable but no longer wanted, making charitable donations is a good option. Bring kitchen utensils, pots and pans, and housewares to nearby shelters. Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore program accepts gently used furniture, appliances and home improvement materials and resells them. Goodwill and The Salvation Army will take many other items. Keep records of your donations, so you or your parents can take a tax deduction for the items.

Consider Hiring A Certified Estate Specialist

If you still are at odds with what to do, or you are still thinking that the job is still overwhelming, your not alone – especially for seniors and their families. Price Auctions & Estates and York Auction Group have Certified Estate Specialists on hand that can help you walk through the multiple layers of complexity to make it easier for seniors in transition.

Certified Estate Specialists do just what the name suggests: They specialise in every stage of the entire process, from space planning before the move to post-move support. Additionally, they can advise in what would be the best method to help rightsize.

Next week, we will go over what a Certified Estate Specialist does for you and your family.

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