What To Do When Your Parents Rightsize – Part II

In our four part series, we are giving you some advice on what to do when your patents rightsize. First, let’s talk about some tips that you should consider when you start the process.

Before you make any decisions, understand – this is where many people make mistakes, and this is probably the best time to bring in your Estate Sale Specialist or Auctioneer. Many of which will be happy to offer free advice.

1. Inventory, Seperate, Organize

This is probably the most work-intensive part of the process but will help you start the organization process. Start by grouping common household items together and reviewing them as a single category.

An example is glassware from the kitchen cabinets, plates, bowls. Another example is taking kitchen tools or all linens together. It then becomes a lot easier to determine if there are duplicates or items that are not durable. The older, more worn items should go into a pile to donate or throw out; then take the newer ones and either let family members select what they’d like to have, or set it aside for a garage or estate sale.

TIP: See if your siblings, your children, even your nieces and nephews to help you sort and separate. Not only does it put more hands working on the problem, but it also allows them to pick out things they are fond of.

Some Family members will see how much there is to deal with will have a better appreciation for the time it takes to go through everything. It helps to have transparency in the process: You may think that no one wants the yellow pie plate that Grandma used to make that sweet smelling apple pie on Sunday’s before church, but there may very well be someone who does.

2. Preserve Family Heirlooms

Some items have sentiment to family members, some even have significant and emotional meaning and value. These items should be preserved by the family can’t sentimental value.

Some of the family heirlooms have sentimental value that may have a story behind it. You may hear never-before-told stories, such as: “That’s the watch I carried with me in Vietnam,” or ,“Those earrings were a wedding present from my parents.”

If items have more sentimental than monetary value, consider repurposing the item to fit your lifestyle. Frame the watch and display it on your shelf, or have the earrings reset as a ring you can enjoy today. When you contact an Estate Sale company, they will have experience in telling you the monetary value of some things.

Some will even say if it has a barcode and a Made in China label on it, then it’s trash – but that is not always the case.

Next Week we will continue down the list of tips to help you

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