Welcome Fuquay Varina Neighbors!

So glad to see you my friend!

I believe that helping you is the best thing I with the decsion to sell your home.   One of the tools is to give you an idea of your home value.  

Yeah, I know – your thinking I’ll just get it off Zillow – why do I need to get it from you?!

Zillow don’t know your neighborhood.  I live here.  Zillow don’t know you have made improvements to your home. I see every day people making updates and upgrades. all I have to do is poke my head out and see that you just remodeled your kitchen or bathroom.

With everything going on in the world, you will hear guaranteed offers, prices well above listing, and other ads.   Today, it’s not just realistic to say anything is guaranteed.  What is guaranteed is what they don’t tell you about the costs and fees they take – so many times I hear they lost thousands of dollars, when if they sold it as is, they would have been up thousands.  It is a strange world, Indeed.

I want you to be in the know – the more you are informed, the better decisions that can be made, and as always – if you need anything in the world (even a roll of toilet paper) I am here to help you!

Below is a service I am giving to you to get a free value of your home.   I just did it and I was astonished!  Keep this link handy – you can use it when you need it!  So Fuquay Varina – what is your home worth?

I am with the best boutuque Real Estate firm in North Carolina. Why? I chose small local firm over large corporation because the flexibility of offering a one-stop group of services was more important than a pre-stamped template. Your home is unique, your REALTOR should too.

So Neighbor – what’s your home worth? Let’s find out!