USPS Rates bumping up, Complaint Department Now Has A 800 Number.

It was bound to happen, as it does each year.   The USPS with all of their issues dropped one shoe, and now the second shoe dropping, we are waiting for the sound to reach us, and it’s not pleasant.  For online buyers of products, its going to cost more to deliver your packages.  The US Postal Service is raising rates in January for Shipping services, including Priority Mail. 

Now, don’t be alarmed, we actually hear regularly about the particular costs of shipping being too high, we have adjusted our complaint department to give our buyers the phone number of the USPS, as it is a cost that we can not control.  So if you are not happy about the cost of shipping your package, please call the shipping agency to file the complaints.

Our New Complaint Department Numbers:
For UPS: 1-800-742-5877
For USPS: 1-800-ASK-USPS

In all seriousness, complaining to the plumber about how bad the electricians work is don’t get you anywhere. So it is important to complain to the shipping agencies about their prices and policies.

The news that dropped is a follow on to what they have stated previously in that they are raising rates.  But by how much was a secret until recently.  Here’s by how much (an approximate average) rates are rising for some services:

  • Priority Mail service: 3.5% 
  • Priority Mail Express service: 1.2%
  • First-Class Package Service (FCPS) Commercial: 6.5%
  • First-Class Package Service (FCPS) Retail: 4.8%

USPS filed the rates, and we have no second thought that they will be approved and not questioned.  But there is one caviat that won’t make you a happy camper if what they have stated as a fee comes to light.

“For Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, Parcel Select, Parcel Return Service, USPS Retail Ground, and First-Class Package Service customers, a $100 fee will be assessed on parcels found in the mailstream that exceed the maximum mailable size limit (combined length and girth greater than 130 inches).”

So your package will go from $35 to $135 if it is 130 total inches in length and girth.  It makes it easy on our end – we won’t sell them with an option to ship.   But that is definitely a surcharge that buyers will have to pay close attention to when we begin to mail your packages.  These fees are slated to begin in Mid-January.

The USPS provided the following list of current and planned prices for certain services in Monday’s announcement.

  • Priority Mail small flat-rate box: $8.30 (current), $8.45 (planned)
  • Priority Mail medium flat-rate box: $15.05 (current), $15.50 (planned)
  • Priority Mail large flat-rate box: $21.10 (current), $21.90 (proposed)
  • Army/Air Post Office and Fleet Post Office large flat-rate box: $19.60 (current), $20.40 (planned)
  • Priority Mail regular flat-rate envelope: $7.75 (current), $7.95 (planned)
  • Priority Mail legal flat-rate envelope: $8.05 (current), $8.25 (planned)
  • Priority Mail padded flat-rate envelope: $8.40 (current), $8.55 (planned)

Overall, these changes would raise prices approximately 3.5 percent for Priority Mail service and 1.2 percent for Priority Mail Express service.

Plan accordingly to possibly see a COVID surcharge with many of the different delivery systems as well as they utilize that for the Pandemic Responses.  Normally a 1% charge on top of the services and fees that are normally presented.

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