Leaving Your Legacy

I often see Blog posts about leaving a legacy. Some of it is great advice, others have a spiritual undertone, some quote scripture, and some just say that you should change the world. But for those who are hopeful to change the world – it is not about that. Nor is it about changing your life.

It is about changing the life of others. It always has been.

We each live a story. The best stories are grounded in principles and purposes that are timeless, and certainly bigger than we are. Live a story that lasts an eternity. We also live a story based on standards that never waive. They hold steady and the young talk about their elders as pillars of their development.

One of the examples I set has always been service to others. Always. The other example is keep doing it while people complain. They are the ones who don’t like it – not you. The great legacies of history are people who dedicated their lives to the service to humanity. On a smaller scale (but no less important) is our service to those we love, to our family, friends, and community.

Sometimes leaving a leagacy is being known as a fighter. We see a spike in teen suicide because of several factors. One of them is bullying, parental neglect, lack of social interactions, lack of understanding.

Justice (not social justice) for the weak and those who are laughed at, stepped on, picked on, put down, left out – those are the real heros of our time. Sometimes they are lost – and all they need is refocus. They other times need a bump in another direction.

No matter what legacy you want to leave: Spiritual, Strong, Open hearted, fighter, or just generous. Only you can determine what your legacy would be. Relying on someone else – well, that is their legacy – you get lost in the noise.

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