It’s Now Or Never To Embrace Technology

Elvis Presley’s song, while poetic, was eerily a look into the future.

It’s Now or Never To Embrace Technology

You have heard it a million times on the radio, sometimes at an appropriate time in a movie.  Elvis Presley’s “It’s Now Or Never….”  He goes on to sing “Tomorrow will be too late….”  And in membership driven organizations, “It’s now or never.”

For some time, technology has played a major role in the world around us.  No matter if it is college admissions, or filling out a job application – for the most part the paper is gone.   With various tools and platforms designed to streamline our membership and business and make it easier on our members as well as pump up recruiting efforts.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed life more than any of us could have predicted.   Professionals who would normally jump on a plane and go to a meeting in another state are now nearly completely, the adjustment to the new way of doing business equates into a new way of organizational operations will need to take place.

Unfortunately, operating at the “old normal” will probably take several years to accomplish.  So for many, learning new financial systems, e-signature systems, reevaluating their marketing, as well as internal documentation may all need to be completely touch-free.

It does not matter if you are a corporation or a non-profit.  If you serve businesses or serve our youth in America, every single aspect of doing business will need to be re-evaluated, and no-touch solutions from soup to nuts will need to be implemented.  It’s the companies responsibility to keep operating in a profitable manner, and the requirement of any business to pivot and change direction on a whim is a requirement.   Business is no longer a linear endeavor.

There are many who say the world of real estate would fall on its face during the pandemic.   However, Real Estate agents some making multi-million dollar deals have pivoted and moved toward the online experience with tools such as Virtual Reality.  Some organizations have utilized Zoom for Campy programs that keep a marginal interest at best, however virtual meetings are making businesses most productive as collaboration, once a brain child of Cornell Universities Tim Dorcey and his product Cu-See-Me, Zoom is now a staple in Corporate America.

Doors are beginning to open back up, and the world is trying to map out its new normal. For any organization, the coronavirus pandemic has had a substantial and everlasting effect on the industry they serve. The organizations that come out of this on top are the ones that are willing to adapt their business and embrace technology.  The others, well, may not.

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