Important Corona Virus Message

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<p>As we adjust to the ever-changing situation around Coronavirus, our team is committed to continuous support of our customers and their health.<br />
  <strong><br />
  What we’re doing: </strong><br />
  <strong><br />
Keeping our workforce safe and able to work </strong></p>
<p>As our small group is a family, we know when some of us are not on the top spot.   We ask for them to stay home when they do not feel right no matter if it is Bronchitis or the Flu.   We continue to express our desire for a healthy workplace by encouraging our family members to be healthy and work at home if they are not ill.<br />
  <br />
  <strong>Monitoring official advice on public gatherings </strong></p>
<p>We continually monitor the events that are in play, and we make decisions based on several factors.  However, when it comes to health concerns, we want to put our customers (both buyers and sellers) health as the top concern.   If warranted, we will contact all of our sellers and request future dates to help resolve their problems.   When we can, we will change formats of how we do business and communicate that information directly to you<br />
  <br />
  <strong>If we feel that there is a high confidence of transmission</strong></p>
<p>If we feel that there is a high likelihood of transmission of the particular affliction of the day, we will cancel, change venue, or postpone until a future date auctions and sales.</p>
<p>A change of venue would be a live auction placed live online, and acceptance of absentee bids by phone, or by email and attempt to monitor email and phones during the online event.<br />
  <br />
  Rest assured, our team is monitoring this situation very closely and will continue to share information as appropriate.</p>
<p>We continue to encourage hand washing and barrier methods to avoid the current situations and wish everyone the best of health.<br />
  <br />


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