I Didn’t Hire a Board Certified Professional…. And Now…

I hear that quite a bit from families who did not hire a board certified attorney to help with Estate matters. The difference can cost you thousands OR MORE to the estate, the family, or with many non-board certified attorneys – nearly criminal with fraudulent lawsuits.

But why is it important to hire a Board Certified, well anything? Experience in what they do. You would not hire a boutique owner who sells items out of an estate to work in an surgical operating room, why would you not hire the surgeon?

Hiring a board certified legal specialist helps to ensure that your lawyer is proficient in the specialty legal field in which you have a legal need. When you are looking for a lawyer, you can use board certification to identify lawyers who are qualified to represent you.

But what about your Auctioneer? Certified Estate Specialists know the ins and outs about the laws in your state for Estates and Probate (CES) and can walk you through the process to get to the end goal. 24 Hours of education and four Estate transactions plus continued education requirements yearly keep them in the loops.

CAI (Certified Auctioneer Instute) is the PHD of Education for auctioneers, and that opens up a wide variety of options for you to explore for your solutions. Three years of education, as well as multiple different varieties of marketing and property sales plus CE credit keep them on their toes.

What it Takes for an Attorney to be a Board Certified Specialist?

  • continuing education requirements
  • devotion of 25% or more of the lawyer’s practice time to the specialty
  • confirmation by the lawyer’s peers that the lawyer has the qualifications to be board certified in the specialty
  • passage of a 6 hour exam in the specialty field.

A board certified specialist must be recertified by the board every 5 years, at which time the lawyer must satisfy the continuing education, substantial involvement, and peer review standards for continued certification.

Board certification, unlike the self-laudatory information in advertising and marketing, is a credential that you can rely upon because it is based upon objective criteria, and with your auctioneer, experience.

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