How Zillow Sends a Barrage of Unwanted Calls Your Way

Every time you fill out a form or send in an inquiry on Zillow or Realtor.com or Trulia, you will be barraged by calls and emails from what seems like thousands of agents. There are hundreds of sites, more every day, all designed to capture your information and sell it to not one, but many different agents.

On the back end, there are lead generation sites that purchase your information, and then resell it to real estate agents in order to make millions off of your information.   But before you get burned out, there is a secret to just getting what you are looking for – and many won’t tell you what that is – until you go through what they call the click funnel.

People wonder why they are getting so many calls and emails and then the potential buyers or sellers stop responding. The barrage of unwanted calls from all over the area from different “lead generation” sites makes the prospective buyer or seller go into a defensive mode, and then the ghost phone calls and emails after the third call and email.   After all, you are looking to buy a house or sell your house, and trying to find the right REALTOR to help you when they are chasing the deal and not satisfying your needs is a burden.

All of these Internet sites have decided that “real estate is a hot business” and they want a piece of it, and far too often, there are Real Estate Brokers who sit on the other end of the internet side and they are buying your information hoping to make a large paycheck. Take a look at how the world has changed in the last several years and you see – when you made a phone call or visited the local Real Estate Brokerage, you dealt with the Agent on Duty who got you started in searching for what is available in their MLS.

The MLS, much like any printed book, is outdated the minute it finishes the print and binding.  So, in some cases, they would take you to homes that were already under contract and then would have to come back and look around for other properties you might have been interested in.   Not today, a buyer can click and get information on a property and then contact a random broker who bought their lead on the sites – that phone call, in some cases costs the Realtor from $125 to $500.   And they are going to charge that back to you in some fashion.

So how can I get away from the barrage of phone calls?

This is where we sit.  In the middle of the internet, you reading this, and I have put this out for you and you alone.   What are you looking for?  A Specialist?  A Broker who can help you show a property? How about the local person?

We are people who make decisions on where we want to live now.  And this one simple trick – can save you hundreds of phone calls from hounds chasing the rabbit.  No really.  Think about when you put your information out there how fast it takes for the phone to ring. And how many people are chasing down the

The trick is to find a person who is a real estate broker who is not part of a franchised group.  Franchises like the large corporate type keep your information what seems like forever, and long after your initial contact with them will contact you if you wanted to sell your home, or the endless emails about selling because of the tight market.  

I am a person who checks in once a week.  Answer my phone when a buyer or seller calls, is honest with what I think they will need, sets up the tours of the homes, and gets things done without the harassing phone calls.   I run my business just like I would want to be treated.   I don’t hound you nor inundate you with calls and emails – and, by the way – I do not buy your information because I respect you more than the deal.  And I don’t sell your information to them either.

Many people think that just because the site lists homes, they assume they are all for sale or that you are even communicating with a real REALTOR®!  That is not the case – you commonly communicate with a switchboard – and their cut makes buying a home more expensive for you and the seller. In other cases, you are trying to fight the Owner or the property to see a home you might be interested in – and they are more than unhelpful.

So, to save yourself from the barrage of calls – call or me, instead (919) 614-6288.  Matthew Price with Smith Group Realty, LLC.  Or if you want a more impersonal touch, email me at mprice@smithgrouprealtyllc.com.   Let’s start the process right, without the exhaustion of the phone calls until 11 pm and three times a day email.

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