Estate Resolution Services

Price Auctions & Estates is your one-stop shop for resolving all matters related to your estate. You will no longer have to spend time looking for multiple professionals or researching whether you can trust them or not. Our screened network of partners can help you with all the estate services listed below and more.

(Estate Resolution services do not include postmortem matters, such as probate or other legal services. However, if you need those services we can refer you to the right professionals.)

Estate Sales

Estate Sales involve the sale of tangible goods that you’re ready to get rid of. If you’re planning to move to a smaller home with less space, then liquidating furniture and other items for cash can be a great way to downsize.

Real Estate Sales

The real estate professionals at Price Auctions & Estates can help you sell your current house and purchase a new one that fits your needs for this stage in life. We’ll help you find the property that is just right for you.

Moving Services

Price Auctions & Estates will connect you with a vetted and trusted partner to help you move. Your property will be handled with care and efficient service.

Vehicle Sales

Depending on where you move and what your current driving habits are, you may decide to sell one or more of your vehicles. This can be done in addition to or independent of an estate sale.

Property Management

Property Management services are available for any rental property that you may own. If you’re moving to a new home then you have the option of selling your current house (as mentioned above) or renting it.

Staging For House Sale

No one ever said that you have to wait to move. If you decide that you’d like to move into your new house, complete with all of your own furniture and belongings, then we can sell your current house with or without staging. Staging is when model furniture and decor are placed in the house. This often helps it sell closer to your asking price or more.

House Cleaning & Yard Work

House cleaning and yard work help to give your house more curb appeal and make it ready to sell. You may also find that you want cleaning services or yard work in the new home that you move into.

Handyman & Repairs

Repairs and handyman services are also a major part of getting your house ready to sell. You’ll get closer to your asking price for the property when it is in complete working order.


Sometimes extra storage can come in handy. There are multiple cases for it, such as when you decide to move before you have an estate sale or when you move to a smaller home but still don’t want to keep all your possessions in your home.

Inventory With Photo Documentation

Recording an inventory of all your possessions gives you documentation of everything that you own. Written and photographic documentation can be useful for personal reasons as well as for insurance purposes.

Property Security

Sometimes when a home is for sale it’s necessary to have a security system. This protects the property so that it stays in good condition for the sale. A good home security system can also be made available for your new home.

Additional Estate Services

Price Auctions & Estates can help you with all matters of estate resolution. In addition to the services listed above we can also help you with retirement & estate planning, interior design or any other service related to your estate, downsizing, property sales and moving.