Do You Want The Honey Or The Sting?

I am not a beekeeper, but as a retired Scoutmaster, I kind of know what bees are good, and which bees are bad. In our backyard we currently honey bees, wasps, hornets, carpenter bees, and sugar bees all going about their business.

I walk out the front door and say “Hey Bee.” Just like I say “Hey Butterfly.” Or I tell the wasps to go find another place to park, or tell a hornet to fly off a short cliff.

Once or twice a year we’ll take a trip to a friends house and pickup some fresh honey, although the honey isn’t really the answer the question I have asked. 

When a beekeper collects the frames of honey, there are procedures to follow to minimize the stress to the bees and to protect the beekeepers.  Do it right and they minimize bee casualties, have honey to share and avoid getting stung.

Do they sometimes get stung?  Sure. It is considered a part of the job.

When stung, it’s typically because they did something outside the norm.  E.g. collecting a swarm without having full gear on and then having a thunderstorm roll in. Not exactly the perfect ideal time to pluck honey.

What does ANY of this have to do with real estate?

Maybe nothing, maybe everything.

Just like there’s a Sandbox 101 for how to work with the bees, there are guidelines written and unwritten for real estate.

It’s possible to run afoul of those guidelines and when that happens, reactions can very from losing a license, disciplinary actions, clients losing money, or generally a mild corrective shocks to torches and pitchforks.

In general, expectations for real estate are to treat each other civilly, and ethically.

Will there be disagreements?  Sure. However, what we will tell any of our clients is to go LOOK at the disciplanary actions – and then make your decision on the auctioneer or real estate broker.

Will someone claim that their rights are violated when they place something up FSBO with their email and phone number? Of course – and they don’t want to hear that neither laws apply once they publically put them out there to solicit offers for the property. But guess what? Real Estate brokers get stung by the dumbest fo all, and the smartest of all.

Why do I say this? Some of those individuals have been disciplined for a parking ticket, others have been disciplined for lying, and others because they were not ethical in how they operated. You need to know who is not operating above board and who is operating above board.

How those disagreements are handled determines if a person becomes person non-grata or a person with a stellar reputation. Whether you like it or not, someone working ethically, you will not always agree with or you will say they did not have your interests in mind when they behave. But they do – they are operating at a higher level of ethics than the disiplined individuals.

Overall, I’ve found many in both the auctioneering community and real estate community some of the best honey producers on the planet. I have also seen some of the worst wasps and hornets as well. I could go into detail, but it is best to let you see for yourselves. http://www.ncalb.org and http://ncrec.gov. 

In over two decades, I’ve learned a lot, gained a lot of expertise, and made a lot of friends.   Some I’ve met in person, some I probably never will, but I know that if I needed help, they’re all just a call or email away and will help. 

Now understand Mr. & Mrs. Client, as you are interviewing them for the job of selling your personal property and real estate, they are also interviewing you and qualifing you to be an ideal seller. Think about why they would be doing that, and think about how you would handle the situations you are thinking about.

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