Coronovirus Update

You’ve probably heard by now that the Coronovirus is impacting world markets and the media panic over the highly suspicious virus.   Including many conspiracy theroies about the rare Virus that is a cousin to the SARS virus.  I am sure that there are many that have their own opinion as to how and why this was released and the timing of which.

Much of you know many of the manufacturing plants in which we obtain goods that we use on a regular basis comes from China.   Much of our drug and vaccinations also originate in China due to it’s large manufacturing base.  Nearly every item on a Wal-Mart shelf or the gift shop in your hospital originates from China.

Because this virus appears to be 20-30 times more deadly than the flu, fear is setting in, and the world is having to step back and evaluate how this will impact the market place, including tourism, spending, and investments.  Suddenly, day-to-day living changes as a “consumer”.

Isn’t it amazing what society chooses to panic about?  We don’t panic about 50,000 people being killed by drunk drivers.  We don’t panic about parents still feeding their kids Lucky Charms and Cheerios even in the face of rising diabetes.  We don’t see supermarkets unable to sell white sugar.

An article is coming out perhaps next month in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) comparing the nutrition of grass-finished beef to fake meat.  One of the scientists said it’ll be earth shaking.  At the very time when people need to fortify themselves with better nutrition, they’re fleeing the very sustenance that guarantees the most functional immunity and buying lab-grown junk.

We see in the news dogs, cows, and other animals who have the Coronavirus as a method to qualm the fear – but it is inciting panic because of what they don’t say.   It is similar in nature to Leslie Neilson standing in the middle of the road in one of the movies telling folks “There is nothing to see here…”  when the fireworks factory is going off in the background.  Proper and correct information, communicated appropriately, calms the panic.

In this Coronavirus panic, every other person on the planet becomes an enemy.  There are some who will use the media to attempt to draw it to Global Warming, or other agenda driven nonsense – and that’s a shame and has dire consequences

The Corona Virus, a slight variation of SARS (also a Coronavirus Variant) is not anything new.   The world now realizes that the Coronavirus has made its debut and is here to stay. It is likely that we will have the common cold, flu, and Coronavirus season from here onward. Much like the flu virus, this is likely to have seasons.  As a reference, each year, 18,000 deaths are attributed to the flu virus.

Many investors have pulled out of stocks and moved into bonds, others are waiting it out, and many people are investing in the items that the “panic consumers” are stockpiling or using more of, such as pharmaceuticals, cleaning products, facial masks, vaccines, gloves, etc. While the market takes a breather and sees that the apocalypse has not occurred, we should see a temporary market reset and subsequent rebound. The European Union (EU) is losing approximately 1 billion dollars per month in tourism, and this has caused the EU governments to react by pumping money into the economy.  Consequently, on March 2,2020, the market bounced back slightly and stabilized, at least for now.

The important thing to remember to do is to wash your hands, sneeze and cough into your arm. The use of Anti-Bacterial Soaps and lotions won’t help – it’s a virus – your 99.9% anti-bacterial soap will not affect viruses.

You may be thinking about staying on the fence or pausing your buying habits entirely, no matter at auction or in real estate, however,  we are in a 7 year low with interest rates – and no matter an outbreak – the smart investor or home buyer will get a lock in at the historic lows.

Sure – there will be a pause – but with anything when the panic peddling is over – where will the market be?    Research Triangle Park has historically been a centerfuge of resistance to economic downturns – and because of it’s biopharmaceutical and technology corridor – are less likely to be impacted.

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