2020 Updated List of Items Not Accepted For Sale

Markets have trends, of course those trends are positive and negative depending on what the market is looking for. This list changes from year to year as the market dictates.

Understand, thrift stores are also driven by markets as well, and they will accept or decline items that they can not in turn sell. Most of them can not afford the bill for trashing and dumping the items that do not sell. So what to do? We came up with this list that highlights things that the markets do not want.

The following items is a comprehensive list of what we do not accept:

  • Broken furniture or upholstered furniture that is torn, dirty, stained, mildewed, soiled/damaged by pets, or is missing cushions.
  • China Cabinets or other large furniture.
  • Mattress, box springs, sofa beds, recliner sofas. 
  • Personal Hygiene Items:  Clippers, needles, razors, lancets, etc.  Toiletries:  shampoos, lotions, mouthwash, powders, etc.  Products:  tampons, pads, Depends, medicated wipes, etc.  Medicines, herbs, vitamins, supplements, lozenges, syrups, ointments, etc.  Hair brushes, combs, curlers, wigs, Hearing aids, dentures, teeth, Hair Dryers, Hot Curler Sets, Curling Irons, etc. 
  • Medical Testing Supplies. Do not send anything that has come into contact with bodily fluids. 
  • Undergarments:  bras, panties, boxers, pantyhose, socks, lingerie, jock straps, etc.
  • Drop Side Baby Cribs, Car Seats, Strollers.
  • Food items of any kind.  Liquor and Alcohol only if sealed by the original seal, and in the original decanter.
  • Financial Items:  old bills, mail, medical records, checkbooks, ledgers, tax papers, etc.
  • Dirty waste cans, used toilet brushes, used kitchen scrubbies, shower curtains, soiled bath mats, etc.
  • Expired/Empty Fire Extinguishers.
  • Family or personal photos, family videos, family DVDs.
  • Hazardous Chemicals:  fuels, oils, paint, pesticides, lead, asbestos anything.
  • Mercury:  fluorescent lamps, thermometers, thermostats, CFL Bulbs.
  • No Chemicals or Liquids (ie. Pool supplies, concrete chemicals, acids, bleaches, detergents, etc.)
  • Old Worn Out Tires (dry rot), Expired or spent/used Batteries.
  • X-Rated Materials:  magazines, posters, videos, DVDs.
  • Outdated Technology:  Computers, monitors, CRT monitors, printers, faxes, software, parts or pieces, etc.
  • Older Televisions (we only accept newer flat screen digital compatible televisions).
  • Cassette players, Cassettes, VHS Players, Videos, etc.
  • Bird mounts or fish mounts of any type. (no fins, no feathers).  TX Pronghorn Antelope or Mounted Bobcats without proper tag.
  • Encyclopedias, Law books, magazines & stacks of newspaper.
  • All items must be in a good working condition.  No broken items.  Items must be clean with all wires, plugs, etc.  If it is cracked, broken, missing parts, or has been glued back together it should not be sent to us.
  • Appliances must be cleaned/cleaned out.  (left running if at home, ie. Refrigerator/Freezer).
  • If onsite, items located in an attic must be brought down to the main floor.

Price Auctions & Estates does not dispose of or haul the trash.  Do not send any of the above-listed items. 

Should Seller include any of the above listed items, and Price Auctions & Estates is placed in the position to dispose of the item, Seller is responsible and shall pay for in addition to the contracted commission any/all expenses of removal/trash (labor & handling, loading, hauling, fees at dump site, etc). Seller agrees that disposal expense shall be deducted from the sale proceeds and Price Auctions & Estates shall be reimbursed for any and all expenses associated with disposal.

Good To Know:

Your SPCA always in need of the following:

  • Cat Litter – both non-clumping and scoopable cat litter
  • Cat Food – canned pâté food (finely ground variety)
  • Kitten Food – canned and dry
  • Puppy Food – canned and dry
    For the continued good health of our shelter animals, we need high-quality brands such as IAMS, Purina ONE, Purina Naturals, Science Diet, Natural Balance, Eukanuba, Blue Buffalo, HALO and Canidae/Felidae.
  • Dog Treats – especially meaty, high-value treats to be used as rewards during training

Emergency Food Pantries

  • Local food pantries are always looking for canned and dry goods.
  • Hygiene and Toiletries

Paper Shredding Services

  • Local Community Paper Shredding Drives
  • Pay Services are available through the County Website

The County has Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Facilities and Multi-Material Recycling facilities for cardboard, aluminum, some plastics and metals (recycling is currently free).  Please check the county website for an up to date location and hours they are open.

Old eyeglasses may be donated to the Lion’s Club, Most of the eyeglasses can be donated at your local Wal-Mart that has an optometry section, or your eye doctor.  Look for the designated cardboard receptacle within the eyeglass store area.  

Military Missions in Action

To set the standard of support for our veterans, members of the armed forces and their families by engaging neighbors, business and organizations.   They accept donations of furniture and other items that they use to furnish homes for vets returning from action.

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