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Personal property is defined as any property that is not permanently attached to Real Property.   Most Personal Property Auctions are based off of:  Estates (Living or Deceased), Jewelry, Antiques, Collectibles, Coins, Automobiles, Furniture, Household Items, and other personal assets.

If you are downsizing your household in preparation for a cross-country move, getting ready for retirement, reducing clutter within your home or liquidating the estate of a loved one, we can help make the transition easier.  Auctions make for a fast paced and unique blend of business and entertainment and can be conducted in a matter of hours and on a day of your choosing.

So let us deal with the stress, while you sit back and relax.

We provide personalized service to assist you and your family manage the sale of your personal assets.  Our staff of professionals will sit down with you, discuss your personal situation, evaluate your property and provide you with valuable advice on how best to sell your items. If you are uncertain if you have enough items for an on-site auction, contact us (before disposing of anything) and we will be happy to do a quick walk-through of your items and determine if an on-site auction at your home or business is the right choice for you. We can even arrange to pick up an item or items that you would like to consign to us.

Our experience has shown that in some instances, the sale of personal items is an emotional event, especially when parting with items from a loved one’s estate or items you have become attached to, but can no longer keep. In these situations, we can help minimize the stress by taking care of all essential elements for you.  Some of these elements include developing an asset inventory, conducting market research, developing a marketing plan, preparing items for auction, designing and producing an auction catalog (as required), and implementing the marketing plan.

Our marketing plans include professionally designed ad layouts and advertising materials designed to best promote each individual auction and targeted toward individuals, dealers, and collectors. We post photos of items on our website and link our website to other national auction websites including the National Auctioneers Association and the Auctioneers Association of North Carolina. We also provide for absentee bidding when bidders are unable to physically attend the auction.

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Online & Live Auction Venues

Diverse Auction Platforms allow us to deliver to you the best in Auction services.   Estate Tag sales deliver one or two people who wish to negotiate a "dirt cheap" price for your quality assets, our Online and Live Auction platforms deliver people who want your assets at the highest prices.   In many cases, it delivers well above the pricing of Estate Tag Sales.

Estate & Consignment

If you have questions about Estate Sales, Estate Tag Sales, or Consignments and what we offer, we have several different solutions for you.

  1. Estate Tag Sale - Coming Soon.
  2. Estate Auction - Coming Soon.
  3. Consignment - Coming Soon.

Real Estate

We are becoming North Carolina's premier one stop shop for sales of Personal Property Estates and with our Partners, Real Estate.  Call us to learn how we can help you obtain your goals in less than 30 days!

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