My Friends,

What if.....?  That is a question we always ask.  What if the Grass was truely greener on the other side of the fence?

We have seen quite a bit of "The grass is greener" with Municipal Auction sites in that they say they they are transparent, seamless, reduce the effort you put forward, and just about any other marketing claim.

But what we hear from the field on a regular basis tells a different story.   If we weren't auctioneers, we would probably just shrug it off.  But as the field of complaints became louder, we needed to act.

Here's some facts:

  • 60% of online auctions do not end in a sale.
  • 80% of the Online Venues are not licensed in the state they are working in, thereby do not protect the seller from fraud.
  • Surplus assets generate a higher revenue when auctioned online on know, reliable and trusted sites.
  • Many customers of those sites walk away and are banned because the checkout process is complicated or so restrictive with rules - they are scared away.
  • Many "Online" companies charge 7.5% to use their platform, and charge your buyers 15% on the other side to make up for operating costs.
  • The workers that you save from that one day of overtime from the live auction are now touching the assets 2-3 times a week from non-paying or no-show buyers.
  • They promote asset reallocation, however you are being charged for the sale - and you are taking used and worn out equipment and spending capital layout money for the move.


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Diverse Auction Platforms allow us to deliver to you the best in Auction services.   Estate Tag sales deliver one or two people who wish to negotiate a "dirt cheap" price for your quality assets, our Online and Live Auction platforms deliver people who want your assets at the highest prices.   In many cases, it delivers well above the pricing of Estate Tag Sales.

Estate & Consignment

If you have questions about Estate Sales, Estate Tag Sales, or Consignments and what we offer, we have several different solutions for you.

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