First, Auctions Online or Live are about Marketing

eBay and most of your online sites, no matter if they are a live auction company or a online only Auction Company have nothing behind it unless it has a stable and trackable marketing methodology.   Some will post your auctions on AuctionZip, some will do minimal facebook stuff.   eBay even posted your items to facebook for you, but quickly found that if you throw 200 items up at one time, people unfriended you.  You flooded their inbox with new items - not "I just posted 200 items" but 200 items all together.

If your marketing does not take into account newspapers are essentially dead zones, and the overly spread out internet is now working against you - you will find that the most successful is going to be the ones who are able to use Analytics to do the duty.

Great expectations

You should know that you cannot expect every single item you put up to auction to sell. In fact, even at a live auction the items will not sell, and the auctioneer adds it to another lot in order to sell it.   If you are looking to liquidate an estate, that will be the most expedient method to do so.  Auctioneers stopped using ebay because most of the items listed for auction don't sell.  Many of the auctioneers and estate tag sales operators do not have time to keep an eBay store.

Wrong timing

One reason not everything sells at eBay auction is poor timing.  That can be any time I need a certain item, or get a wild idea about something I just must have. I bought a Sid Dickens tile for $46 at auction recently because I needed it for my family room. I was looking during the first week of February, but not the second, third and so on.

Wrong price

If an item isn't worth $10, I won't list it on eBay. I make my living selling about 1,000 $10 items each month

Perhaps the most common reason items don't sell at auction is because sellers price them unrealistically. Many new sellers think their items are worth a fortune, and they price auctions way too high to start.  The most hated thing a licensed auctioneer will tell a potential seller is that "You have sentimental value in your item - unfortunately, I don't sell sentiment."

Of course they aren't going to sell. 

For several years, we have watched people start auction listings for the price they thought it was worth. This approach doesn't get any auction action (or bidding wars) going. Then we tried the 99-cent strategy, starting every single auction at 99 cents. Way too many items sold for 99 cents. It isn't worth my time or your time to sell 99-cent items on eBay.  Remember, eBay burns through about 52% of the take - so at a dollar, you are left with $.42 cents.   If you haven't noticed the eBay drop off stores have gone out of business.

Wrong competition

Another reason your item may not sell is you have the wrong competition that week. Let's say you have a Studio Nova Early Morning dinner plate you are trying to sell for $9.99.

There is a competitor out there who has the same dinner plate but isn't really in the business and doesn't care what they get for theirs. They are just cleaning out their kitchen cupboards. So, they list their plate at $4.99 and there is only one person looking for that dinner plate during that week on eBay, so yours doesn't sell.

The two-pronged attack

I consider that listing my items at auction is just research. I hardly research anything anymore, especially if it has a maker's mark or signature on it. It's already identified, so why would I waste any more time on research? eBay's bidders will let us know soon enough if our item is worth more than $9.99. One piece of American Indian art that I started at $9.99 got bid up to an incredible amount by those wonderful eBay bidders. It ended up selling for $123.50!

eBay versus the Seasoned Auctioneer

I consider that listing my items at auction is just research.  And with that research we can determine if your items will sell or not.   We no longer use eBay, because there is a strong disconnect between items that are listed, and items that have sold.   Many times folks do not check the completed listings, and are lead astray when they see an item that did not sell for $5,000, when in all actuality, the completed listings would show it was worth $50.

Our auctioneers know the value of items based on what is sold.  It does not mean that yours will be worth more or less - it means it is a ballpark figure.

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