Matt Price didn’t set out to be an auctioneer, much less president of the Auctioneers Association of North Carolina.  He’s pleasantly happy being a small time auction guy helping Estates and Storage Units with solving problems.

“I want to stress that you do not need to be from a big city or a large corporation to be a successful in this business,” says Price.   “You need to have laser focus vision and goals to get where you need.  It never hurts to have a need to serve your fellow auctioneer.”

Price has conducted more than 500 auctions since 2006 including estate, business liquidation, benefit and real estate auctions. He traveled to Las Vegas and soon Kentucky for Marketing and Leadership Courses, and has developed a long term plan that puts a laser pointer in the middle of the auction industry.  “We have to move forward in educating the public, including legislators and companies in the auction method, and keep our auctioneers apprised of what’s coming on the horizon.”

 Welcome to your portal!

If this is your first time here - welcome! 
We are sure you have heard about unethical behavior amongst Storage Facilities as far as sales at auction.  
We are here to help you understand the auction process.  
It’s what we do on a regular basis. 
If you are a Storage Facility Manager, a Storage Facility Owner, or you are here because  you see one of our ads – let’s discuss the positives of hiring us!

 Self-Storage Experience

We have been doing storage auctions for well over 10 years. 
That is over $100,000 in auction monies during that periond of time.
We know when we open up a unit that is filled with medical records that they can’t be sold because of HIPAA.  
We also know that in some cases weapons wind up in the storage units – and some of them have been used in crime.  
We remind you of this at the start of every auction.  
Protecting you is just as important as ensuring we are providing a service to your buyers.

Outstanding Reputation

We have an outstanding reputation with the North Carolina Auctioneers Licensing Board.  
If we didn’t - we would have been fined, censured, or even put out of business. 
We do not take bids from the wall, the tree, or anyone else.  
In fact, more often than not – we don’t buy it or bid on it unless we are looking for something specifically that one of our other buyers are looking for.  
We may offer to buy an abandoned unit if it matches our needs list.  
In any case – we announce we will be bidding, and  we don’t bid up higher than we are willing to pay.

 What Saves Your Bacon?

You, your auctioneer, and employees know that there are only a few things that save your bacon from being sued. 
Online venues are not licensed nor bonded, therefore if you forget one thing, your bacon is cooked.

 Your Contracts
Your Disclosures
Your due diligence
Your Auction Contracts (you don’t get these with online venues)

Court systems are cracking down. 
Liability limits on rental agreements will usually protect the storage facility owner during instances of theft.
However, when it comes to breach of contract, negligence, and conversion of goods, the courts are increasingly more likely to inflict severe punitive damages.

 Put It in Writing

It’s best to enter a written agreement with the us. 
We register the buyers, call the bids or run the online sale after the appropriate paperwork is confirmed,
collect the cash moneys and deposits, and remit the records and payments to you at the end of the auction.

It’s done in as little as two hours, the records are well documented, and you have rentable units in as little as 24 hours.


As the discipline of Asset Management has developed significantly over the last two decades, a number of approaches, standards, models and principles have been developed across the world.  It has become clear that there is benefit in aligning these various approaches and collaborating to develop a global view, in particular for companies that operate Asset Management systems.

At the core of asset management systems companies have the purchase and deployment of products that lend a competitive edge.  This may include IT resources such as Mobile Devices and the management platforms, Desktop and Laptop strategies which include accessories, and server systems that virtualize literally all of the once hardware based systems.

Do you have units to sell?
Are you using an online venue?

Your buyers are saying things behind your back.
Let’s face it – it’s your reputation on the line.

  • Your buyers are resellers.  They are not going to pay your lien of $1,500.
    So cracking it open, asking for it, then closing it only two days later your employees
    have a new set of boots from the unit reeks of unethical behavior!

  • They think that you stage the auctions before posting them live or online.

  • They believe you are bidding against them online or you have third party shill bidders.
    That is against the Uniform Commercial Code!

  • Some bidders tell us that when they arrive to the unit after winning it online half of the
    items in the unit no longer exist.  That is considered THEFT!

  • They believe the units are being sold illegally.

  • Over $2.5 Million Dollars in fines and criminal levies against firms for
    lack of due diligence and/or unethical behavior in 2017.

It only takes one mis-step and you are in a Million
Dollar Lawsuit. Avoid it!  Hire us today!

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