Decide what you want to sell 

We specialize in the sale of commercial, industrial and total Estate Sales.

Share your goals with us

A dedicated team member will confidentially listen to your goals, and recommend solutions to accomplish your goals.

Choose a method of sale

With multiple selling methods, we offer you the flexibility to sell one, or one thousand items. 

Discuss marketing strategy

Our marketing team will work with you to devise a modern marketing campaign to accomplish your goals.

Accomplish your goals

We will efficiently and competently execute the solution to accomplish your goals in six-steps. 


Probate - Estate - Intellectual Property - Tax - Bankruptcy - Divorce

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Online & Live Auction Venues

Diverse Auction Platforms allow us to deliver to you the best in Auction services.   Estate Tag sales deliver one or two people who wish to negotiate a "dirt cheap" price for your quality assets, our Online and Live Auction platforms deliver people who want your assets at the highest prices.   In many cases, it delivers well above the pricing of Estate Tag Sales.

Estate & Consignment

If you have questions about Estate Sales, Estate Tag Sales, or Consignments and what we offer, we have several different solutions for you.

  1. Estate Tag Sale - Coming Soon.
  2. Estate Auction - Coming Soon.
  3. Consignment - Coming Soon.

Real Estate

We are becoming North Carolina's premier one stop shop for sales of Personal Property Estates and with our Partners, Real Estate.  Call us to learn how we can help you obtain your goals in less than 30 days!

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