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Are you in the market to sell things that people place into storage units?

Even if you find a completely undervalued storage unit with relatively unused furniture, jewelry, and valuable antiques, are you in a position to sell those things and actually make a profit? If you are not in a position to sell, then you will actually end up losing money because of the storage fees that you will take on. Make sure that you are actually associated with people who will make a purchase of the items that are usually found in auctioned off storage units.

If you are unaware of how to get in touch with people who make these kinds of purchases, you can start by putting yourself in touch with auctioneers and real estate agents. You will be able to sell many of your bought goods to new homeowners and private collectors who make a business out of flipping auction goods.

Are you aware of the market values for items that are usually in auctioned off storage units?

You need to know the average value of storage units as a whole as well as the average value of the items that you will find at most auctions. This is especially true if you are participating in blind auctions. A blind option is one in which you do not actually get to see the contents of the storage unit before you bid on it. These are much more common than you might think.

Are you aware of the tactics that auctioneers will use to sell storage units?

Before you even think of learning how to sell, you need to learn how to buy. As many of top investors around the world have stated, “You do not make money on the sell, you make it on the buy.” Auctioneers are professional because they are able to get the most money out of the people in the crowd. You need to be aware of the professional tactics that are used during auctions in order to raise the price of the goods being sold.

Are you familiar with the tactics of the community that you are trying to enter?

Just as auctioneers have their tactics, people who are well-versed in purchasing storage units also have theirs. For instance, a professional buyer who understands that you have limited funds might goad you into purchasing one storage unit so that you will not have financial leverage to make a purchase of one of the higher value units. Be well aware that the auction market is one of high competition. The value of the goods that are actually being sold is only half of the game.


The nuances of buying and selling storage units can take a lifetime to learn. Make sure that you are well versed with the topics above before you begin to make purchases on your own.


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